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Lived-in Balayage

Modern Blondes & Brunettes Full  / $310+

a form of balayage achieved by a variety of techniques. the result is natural looking color that lasts up to 6 months. 

Modern Blonde and Brunette Touch Up / $285+

focusing on the areas that are the most noticeable (around the face, hairline, and top of the head). somewhere between 4-6 months since your last color is recommended. if you're wanting to brighten all around, please choose full when booking online

Hand Painted Balayage / $275+

the softest, most natural looking. color or lightener is painted onto the hair in a sweeping motion to create a sun kissed effect for subtle dimension

Transformation Color

Custom Blonding Full / $330+

traditionally known as highlights with a modern twist. this covers more hair from roots to end and blended together using shadow roots, color melts, foilayage and more.

Blonding Touch Up / $285+

focusing on root maintenance around the face, top of the head, and hairline. recommended 3-4 months after your last full or touch 

Corrective Color / Consultation is required and charged at an hourly rate.


Haircut - Long to medium / $90

medium to long hair (below the shoulders and down). easier to manage and style. cut with feathered layers and texturized to your fit your hairstyling routine.

Precision Haircut / $105

chin to shoulder length. bobs, lobs, and detailed haircuts within this length. tailored to compliment your facial features and style

Bang Trim / $25

existing clients with fringe cut by me previously. curtain bangs, bottle neck bangs, face frame bangs. trim to the length that flatters your features and makes you feel most confident



Top Drop Treatment / $40

Instant hair gratification for thirsty, over processes, or blonde hair! Powerful deep treatments that require zero process time but packs a punch of nourishment to every hair strand! Add on to ANY service.

Olaplex or K18 / $40

Bonding treatment added to bleach or color for extra added protection and helps prevent chemical damage to the hair.

Clarifying Pre-Treatment / $60

A deep cleanse for hair that is built up on hair products, has been exposed to chlorine/salt water, and other environmental pollutants. This is beneficial for big color transformations and corrections

Wash Before Color / $35

Hair should be washed 1 or 2 days before your appointment. Clean hair is best canvas for even color penetration and saturation. If you need a wash right before your visit, add this onto your upcoming visit. 

* All color services are starting prices. Additional product and time will be charged accordingly

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